Residents in Westboro got a glimpse of the development plans for a property that served as a cloistered convent for nearly a century.

The 5.2-acre property at 114 Richmond Rd. was the home of Les Soeurs de la Visitation until it was purchased by Ashcroft Homes in October.

The future of the site has been a contentious issue in Kitchissippi Ward, since the monastery is considered a heritage building, but it is barely known to anyone, due to a large stone fence surrounding the property.

In order to create a sightline of the monastery, the plan calls for a 40-foot-wide, two-storey-tall gap between two towers that would front onto Richmond Road.

“You’ve got this big wall, then this opening that you’re supposed to walk into,” said Coun.

Christine Leadman. “It’s supposed to encourage people to walk through, but I’m thinking it won’t ... It seems like a fortress. It’s very imposing on the streetscape.”

According to Leadman, the plan calls for two five-storey units near Byron Avenue and Leighton Terrace. There is another five-story building along Byron Avenue, with an additional eight-story building next to that.

Before last night’s meeting, Hampton Iona Community Group president Lorne Cutler said the concern with the development was the height of the proposed towers and the proximity of the new development to homes along Leighton Terrace.

Cutler said they are also concerned with the traffic impact along Byron Avenue.

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