Hell’s Kitchen may have winner leak

HELLISH ODDS: The third season of Hell’s Kitchen has only just started and already the show has had to run damage control on a possible leak of the identity of the winning contestant. According to an E! Online story, the popular gambling website Bodog has had to shut down betting on the show when odds on one of the chefs competing for Gordon Ramsay’s bile suddenly jumped from 7-1 to 2-1 just before the show’s Monday night premiere.


Leaks like this aren’t uncommon – betting websites such as Bodog, betwwts.com and sportsbook.com have had to pull betting on reality shows such as Survivor: Panama, Survivor: The Amazon, The Apprentice, The Amazing Race and The Bachelor when odds on single contestants took a sudden and noticeable lead. Considering how many people are employed on reality shows, never mind the contestants and their families and network employees, it’s hardly surprising that someone, somewhere along the chain will either blab or try to make a bit of cabbage on the side.


This is also, by the way, why conspiracy theories can’t work; no matter what anyone tells you, kiddies, Oswald acted alone.


Kevin Reilly, former head of entertainment at NBC, might have been canned because of the network’s apparently terminal third and fourth place ratings, but the TV Critics Association has rewarded him in posterity with 13 nominations for shows launched during his tenure, according to a Variety story.


Three shows greenlit by Reilly, Heroes, 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights, are sharing a dozen nominations, while The Office, which was developed by Reilly and produced by Ben Silverman, the former agent who is replacing him at NBC, got the thirteenth. HBO followed behind with 8 nominations, plus a mention of The Sopranos for the Heritage Award, alongside M*A*S*H and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

ABC trailed in third with four nominations, three for Ugly Betty alone, and Comedy Central, Fox and Showtime were in a 3-way tie for last with two nominations each. CBS was completely ignored by the critics, despite pulling in more viewers than any other network, kicked to the curb with cable poor relations like FX and TNT.

Reilly is, no doubt, reveling in the unique consolation of knowing that, even if he can’t get a table at The Foundry or Mr. Chow, at least the critics have his back. That and a suit made of sirloin steak will get you eaten alive in a pool full of crocodiles.