Ruby Dhalla is being called to answer claims of domestic worker abuse before a committee of MPs as the Liberals accuse the Conservatives of “lynch-mob” political tactics.

Dhalla has resigned as Liberal multiculturalism critic and says she’ll fight to clear her name after two foreign workers accused her family of mistreatment. She has denied any wrongdoing and says she was not involved in hiring or supervising the workers.

Dhalla said in a statement she is “saddened and troubled” by the claims and has asked the independent ethics commissioner to investigate.

Two caregivers who worked in the Dhalla home in Mississauga last year say they were asked to do extra chores and they had trouble getting paid.

Magdalene Gordo, 31, and Richelyn Tongson, 37, say their passports were also illegally withheld. They had been hired to care for Dhalla’s mother, Tavinder. Both caregivers have also been invited to immigration committee hearings as early as next Tuesday.