Dictionary.com describes Mike Pence as sychophant
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Dictionary.com doesn't hold back when it comes to chiming in on what goes on in the White House and they definitely had something to say when Vice President Mike Pence gave a speech about President Trump.


On Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence gave a three-minute speech praising President Trump's accomplishments since becoming president. It appears the Pence has a penchant for the president because he gushed about him for the entire speech. 


The Washington Post crunched the numbers and reported that Pence commended President Trump every 12 seconds for three minutes straight.  During the speech Pence praised the president about everything ranging from him restoring faith in the American people to repealing Obamacare. 


Vice President Mike Pence praises President Trump

Of course, Pence's speech was met with a lot of jokes and comments on Twitter.


Aside from all of the comments about Pence's high-praises directed at President Trump, it was Dictionary.com that found the perfect word to describe Pence's feelings about Trump. 

"There's a word for a person who would praise someone every 12 seconds," Dictionary.com tweeted Thursday and included a link to the dictionary entry for the word sycophant

According to Dictionary.com, sycophant, a noun, is defined as a "self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite." 

Although Dictionary.com's tweet received over 2,000 retweets and 3,000 "likes," there were a handful of people who didn't think it was funny and would rather have Dictionary.com stay out of politics. Some people said they will stop using Dictionary.com and choose to use Merriam-Webster instead. 

In November, Dictionary.com selected the word complicit as their word of the year for 2017. The dictionary website defines the word as “choosing to be involved in an illegal or questionable act" and "having partnership or involvement in wrongdoing."