Like Isaac Newton, journalism student Chelsea Kate Isaacs has been stunned by the action of an Apple. For Isaacs, that would be the head of Apple, Steve Jobs, who she says entered a baffling e-mail exchange with her last week after Apple’s media relations department ignored her requests for information. Isaacs says the exchange ended when Jobs e-mailed: “Please leave us alone.”


Isaacs, a 22-year-old Long Island University/CW Post senior, was working on a story for her reporting class about a free-iPad initiative. She called Apple’s media relations line and left several messages about the initiative. None were returned and, nervous about missing an impending deadline, she looked up Jobs’ e-mail and sent him a note.


“I started off praising his products, because I love my iPod,” Isaacs says. She then asked why Apple’s media team was unresponsive. “I expected either no response or an automated one, like ‘Thank you. We are looking into it,’” something to show to her professor as proof that she took the assignment seriously.


But to her surprise, she says, Jobs responded and the two exchanged several e-mails that wound up sounding as professional as “two girls in a cat fight,” Isaacs says.


Apple would not comment on Isaacs’ story or on whether the e-mails were actually from Jobs.