These days, cruising isn’t just about retired folk cruising slowly ’round the Mediterranean. There’s a new raft of exciting ways of seeing the world by boat.

The Gota Canal Steamship Co., MS Diana, Sweden

The “Good Life on Board” cruise is one for gourmands. Special menus are conceived from produce bought from the local canal area, resulting in hearty Swedish delicacies, and there’s a nightly wine-tasting session with the crew’s personal sommelier.

Rock your boat: At Berg, exercise off all the amazing food with a starlit swim in the canal, or simply borrow one of the ship’s bikes to go for a ride along the canal.


Lyngen Lodge, Tromso Coast, Norway

Combine snow, ski and sea with this unique trip to the Arctic Circle. It’s based in the luxurious Lyngen Lodge, on the shores of a remote Arctic fjord, and each day you board a boat that takes you to the foot of untouched white, powdery slopes. Kick off your skis and wind down with a spot of fishing on your way back to a dinner of reindeer.

Rock your boat: Lyngen Lodge also boats French windows with breathtaking views across the mountains — perfect for admiring the Northern Lights.

Right Travel, Dahabeya Hadeel, Nile River, Egypt

Sail the turquoise waters of the River Nile on board the Dahabeya Hadeel. Discover the rich cultural heritage of Egypt while taking time to relax on the sailboat. Over the course of eight days, you’ll see many of Egypt’s most spectacular sights.


Rock your boat: At the end of the day, nothing really beats a bit of mindless fun. Hop off the sailboat and onto a camel or donkey when you stop off in El Kab, one of the oldest cities in Egypt.