One of the candidates for the Toronto mayor's office is proposing continuous tunnelling in the city to expand the subway system.

Rocci Rossi, a former fundraiser for the federal Liberals, rolled out a
transit plan for the city today costing $4.5 billion over 10 years.

Rossi says his plan would give commuters more buses and subways, adding
that continuous tunnelling would add one new subway station per year on

He says subways suit Toronto's climate and handle population growth, adding that tunnelling should be the new normal.

He said his “Transit-Plus” plan would also make use of smart cards,
electronic maps, and GPS with an eye toward improved customer service.

Rossi added that it is time to “restore our reputation as a great transit city.”

“It's time for Toronto to become a real partner in planning, paying for and building transit,” he said Tuesday.

Rossi also proposed selling assets such as Toronto Hydro. Opponents'
warnings of price hikes should the utility be sold amounts to “fear
mongering of the worst type,” he said.

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