The Word On The Street Festival is a place where a new trend is emerging — the digital book. For the second year, Sony has marketed its Reader to bibliophiles at the Queen’s Park festival. The bookish Reader has an interface where people read downloaded books — which cost less than their printed companions.

Inside a tent with big comfy chairs, Sony’s Tim Algate says digital books are set to take a small chunk of the market. Are these high-tech platforms a Gutenbergian blaspheme or an inevitable future? Festivalgoers were asked about the future of the book in a digital world.

“Books will always be here. You have to have both,” said Toronto author Terry Green, “Internet is great for supplementing a book. The digital world is great for nonfiction. A book is art, it’s texture. You can carry it anywhere. A book by the bedside, the office, the study. They are a powerful medium. It goes back to being a kid and sitting on your mom’s lap.”