High Level Diner, Sugar Bowl saved from demolition

A number of people lined up for grub at the High Level Diner yesterday on 109 St. and 88 Ave. didn’t mind the long wait after hearing their favourite eating establishment has been saved from the wrecking ball.



And another lineup of mostly university students at the Sugar Bowl a few doors down also didn’t mind the wait, despite their empty stomachs as the operators there are also now the owners of the restaurant — saving the popular eatery from being converted into condos.


"These are two of my favourite restaurants and I try to hit them up as much as I can because it’s so close by to where I live," said drama student Ian Haggis.

The landlord of the two restaurants was offered a lucrative deal by a developer, according to High Level Diner co-owner Kim Franklin.

But rather than cashing in, the landlord sold the property to the operators of both restaurants for less than the assessed value.

"I am really glad they didn’t get bought out because it is truly the right thing to do," said Haggis.

Nearby resident Karin McCarthy says she’s thrilled about the possibility of not seeing a condo development in her quiet neighbourhood anytime soon.

"I think it’s a good idea to redensify old neighbourhoods, but if you are going to destroy the neighbourhood to build condos — you might as well live out in the suburbs," said the homeowner.

"This is a courageous move by the owner to do this."

Since news spread about the new deal that saved the businesses, both restaurant owners say business has been brisk.

"This is wonderful news for the community and they have affection for this place," said Franklin.