Teenager Marc Wabafiyebazu, son of Canadian diplomat Roxanne Dubé, is being chargFacebook

A drug-related shooting in Miami left Canadian diplomat Roxanne Dubé's older son, 17-year old Jean Wabafiyebazu, dead, and her younger son, 15-year-oldMarc Wabafiyebazu in police custody. Another 17-year-old Joshua Wright, was also killed during the shootout, reports the CBC.

Police say the two brothers intended to rob an alleged drug dealer, Anthony Rodriguez, 19, on Monday. They took their mother's BMW to pick up a friend and went to their friend's apartment, where they met the alleged marijuana dealer. Marc stayed in the car outside the building.

Their father, Germano Wabafiyebazu, told the CBC that the alleged drug dealer "didn't trust" his son or Wright and shot at them, leading to a gunfight.

When Marc heard gunshots, he ran inside the apartment and found Jean and Wright. Wright was dead; Jean died later at the hospital.


Marc is facing a charge of felony murder; in Florida,an individual involved in a violent crime may be charged with felony murder if someone is killed.

Police also arrested Rodriguez and charged him with felony murderand marijuana possession with intent to sell.

Marc will not receive diplomatic immunity as Dubé's position as consul general in Miami are not protected under rights for "diplomatic agents."