Re:?Every which way but loose on Burrard Bridge. (July 10.)

I’ve commuted from Kits over the Burrard Bridge to work downtown for six years.

Depending on the day, I run, walk, bike, bus or drive. In six years, I’ve never seen a “biking jam” or a “walking jam” or a “running jam” but there’s always a traffic jam.

In those six years, I’ve also never seen anyone ride their bike off the sidewalk into traffic and get killed. I’ve also never seen anyone walk off the sidewalk to their death.

Did they not consider just making the sidewalks flow the same way traffic flows? That would give a dedicated walking lane and a dedicated biking lane in each direction.

If the reason they are doing this is environmental, then they can start with improving the bus service over the bridge during rush hour. I can honestly say that if the bus service wasn’t so entirely pathetic, I’d never have to drive over the bridge.

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