Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson in My Super Ex-Girlfriend.


My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Stars: Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson

Director: Ivan Reitman

Rating: PG

** (out of five)

My Super Ex-Girlfriend comes so close to working, so often, that you could almost mistake it for a satisfying movie.

The concept is terrific, with Uma Thurman playing a superhero who makes life hell for regular-guy Luke Wilson after he dumps her because she’s clingy, jealous and an all-around neurotic mess.

And the supporting characters are so richly drawn they seem to deserve their own movies: Scary Movie’s Anna Faris as a sympathetic co-worker to whom Wilson is far better suited; The Office’s Rainn Wilson (no relation) as his venal, self-absorbed sidekick; a preening Eddie Izzard as Thurman’s arch-nemesis, Professor Bedlam.

So why doesn’t it click? Three words: Director Ivan Reitman. Reitman’s movies are messy, ungainly monstrosities that occasionally develop their own perfect language — see Stripes, the two Ghostbusters pictures and Dave — but most of the time the result is lazy mediocrity, like Father’s Day and Evolution. He can’t string two scenes together, he buries everything under a plastic-perky soundtrack, and he doesn’t give a crap about maintaining any kind of internal logic, which proves the kiss of death for a movie like this.

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