Disaster declarations for Ontario communities hit by tornadoes

<p>The provincial government has approved disasterdeclarations by the Town of Blue Mountains, West Grey and GreyHighlands, which were hit by tornadoes last month.</p>


The provincial government has approved disaster
declarations by the Town of Blue Mountains, West Grey and Grey
Highlands, which were hit by tornadoes last month.


Affairs Minister Jim Watson declared the entire affected region a
disaster, making it eligible for provincial assistance, and the
province will provide $2 for every dollar raised locally in disaster


Although the damage figure in the three affected
communities is still being added up, Warden Kevin Eccles says it has
surpassed the $30-million mark.


Eccles welcomes the approval from the province, but doubts anyone will see any money within six months.

says the three communities will have to first set up a joint disaster
relief committee, which will oversee fundraising and settle claims.

The Ontario disaster relief assistance program helps residents where insurance does not cover losses.
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