Ottawa resident Olivier Simart knew that when he started Koopon, he wouldn’t have an easy time going up against the big guy.

Ottawa-based Koopon — a group buying website which offers daily coupons at local businesses — is following the success of Groupon, an American company which pioneered the new online trend.

“We try to be as local as possible, compared to Groupon,” said Simart.

“That’s something we’re trying to focus on and really make a difference with the big guys.”

If enough people buy into the featured deal, everyone gets it. Spreading the word through Facebook and Twitter, however, is key in tipping customers off to the daily deals.

“If you’re looking to expand your business and grow your customer base, that’s the best way to go,” said Simart.

Ottawa’s Marked Paintball owner Däg Militky has tried this online trend but said it can be good and bad for business.

“It’s good because smaller businesses can get on board,” he said, but added that some customers wouldn’t return without another deal.