Disneyland staffer orders curvy mom Melissa Behnken to cover up her boobs (Facebook) Disneyland staffer ordered Melissa Behnken to cover up her boobs. Credit: Facebook

A curvy mom-of-three says she filed a formal complaint after staff at Disneyland Resort in California ordered her to cover up her boobs.

Melissa Behnken, of San Diego, was visiting the California Adventure Park in Anaheim with her kids and her Marine husband, Stephen, who has just returned from a deployment.

But the furious mom says her family vacation was ruined when a park employee warned her to cover up because in his opinion she was showing too much cleavage.


She told 10 News: “This gentleman out of nowhere comes up to me and just says, 'You need to pull your top up,' and I was looking at him like, 'Excuse me? Are you serious?'

"I guess women with large chests are expected to wear turtlenecks their whole lives.

"This was our first family vacation, and for me it was ruined."

Family snaps posted on Facebook show Behnken wearing a wholly modest lacy black shirt over a cheetah-print tank, but she says the elderly park attendant told her that Disney was a family-friendly environment and that she was exposing too much cleavage.

Behnken filed a customer complaint with Disneyland’s guest relations and followed this up with a formal complaint to the corporation.

She says she has received a formal apology from the company by telephone.

Disneyland have so far not offered a comment.

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