A Cranbrook man thought he was covered when he bought travel medical insurance ahead of his vacation, but his family says he ended up stranded in a third-world hospital bed after he suffered a traumatic brain injury.

For weeks following the Nov. 5 accident, Mike Donald’s family says they tried to get him back to British Columbia but the insurance company was fighting with the hotel in the Dominican Republic over the $30,000 hospital bill.

Donald died Saturday, two weeks after falling and hitting his head beside the pool at his hotel.

Now the family says neither the hotel nor the insurance company have agreed to cover the costs of bringing his body home.

The insurer, Travel Underwriters, did not immediately respond to a request for comment but the family said they were told that the 33-year-old’s medical travel insurance didn’t cover accidents that happen in the hotel, which are the hotel’s responsibility.

Donald’s mother and one of his sisters are still in the Dominican Republic, where they joined his girlfriend following his accident.