EAR FALLS, Ont. — A dive team and two helicopters are scouring a lake in northwestern Ontario for a man who vanished after a tornado roared through a hunting and fishing resort.

Dennis Kinkaid of Ponca City, Olka., is still missing after the cabin he was in was hurled into a lake almost a kilometre away on Thursday night.

The bodies of two other men who were also in the cabin, Bernie Jackson, 65, and Stan Hollis, 79, were pulled from the water yesterday.


Kinkaid’s wife says her 66-year-old husband was on a fishing trip with his friends and was to drive home today.

She says the three men had been driving up to Canada for the past 23 years for their annual guys’ vacation.

The Ontario Provincial Police say they have no new information on Kinkaid’s whereabouts.

Five other people suffered minor injuries when their cabin was also lifted off the ground by the twister.

Environment Canada says the tornado ranked as an F2 with wind speeds between 180 and 240 kilometres per hour.

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