This neighborhood includes the family-friendly leafy streets around Mount Pleasant as well as the plethora of high-rise condominiums crammed around the midtown hub of Yonge and Eglinton. The diversity of housing options is mimicked with the assortment of eating, drinking and shopping selections as well.

Independent boutiques along Bayview south of Eglinton showcase local as well as international designers at neighborhood favorites, such as DEW (day, evening, weekend).

Around Mount Pleasant, the shopping options switch gears and antique shops and baby supply stores take over. Few shops exist along the neighbourhood’s western edge, with the exception of the Art Shoppe, one of Toronto’s oldest and most well- known furniture store.

Eating opportunities range from Jamaican to Asian to Italian and upscale dinning to cafeteria-style lunch spots catering to those pouring out of the office towers en masse for their mid day break.

On Mount Pleasant, Mogette Bistro offers edible French elegance, but leaves the upturned nose behind. More laid-back dining and drinking options are peppered along Bayview. With a dedicated playroom at Originals, mom and dad often head there for a drink and a bite, while those who have outgrown the playroom head to McSorely’s.

Besides the eating, drinking and shopping, Davisville residents enjoy a movie theatre, yoga studios and several lush walking trails bordering the Mount Pleasant cemetery.

And don’t miss Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Carved out of farmland in 1876, the idyllic parkland, offering more than 500 tree species and varieties, has become the city’s most desirable resting place, with glitzy residents like the Eaton and Massey families.

What do you like about Davisville?

– By Rafael Brusilow

Debbie Falk
age 50, lives in the area
A: The parks are lovely and it doesn’t feel big-city. La Bamboche has great espresso and gorgeous pastries.

Oren Williamson
age 23, lives in the area
A:?It’s great here and really peaceful. The gelato at Il Gelatiere is fresh and they serve you in Italian!

Scott Rennick
age 46, lives in the area
A: It’s a nice mid-town area. For a pub, The Longest Yard is pretty good.

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