Curaçao is much more of a travel hot spot for Europeans than it is for Americans. So to help entice you, the Curaçao Tourist Board shared with us five little tidbits about the Caribbean island to get you there.

1 Curaçao is home to the “Curasub,” the world’s first certified mini-submarine for tourists, at Substation Curaçao. The Curasub will take visitors beneath the sea up to see coral, shipwrecks and even dolphins.

2 Curaçao is home to the Curaçao Dolphin Therapy and Research Center (CDTC), where children with disabilities and their families can come for rehabilitation by swimming with dolphins in a two-week program. The highly-successful program is designed to help treat patients with autism and cerebral palsy, as well as those with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

3 “Firepower,” the 1979 thriller directed by Michael Winner and starring Sophia Loren and O.J. Simpson, was filmed on location in Curaçao.

4 Curaçao is now an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands as of Oct. 10, 2010. The installation of the first prime minister of Curaçao, Gerrit Schotte (36), is an epic event for Curaçao as he is the youngest prime minister currently serving worldwide.

5 Off the southern tip of Curaçao sits the picturesque, uninhabited island of Klein Curaçao (Small Curaçao), where there are no cars or hotels and guests can enjoy a relaxing day at the beach or go scuba diving.