Five-day festival celebrated by many S. Asians

Today marks the last day of 2063 on the Hindu calendar, the highlight of the five-day festival Diwali that started Wednesday. Hindus, Sikhs and Jains observe Diwali religiously, while other South Asians tend to celebrate the cultural aspects of it.



Mainstream Canada gets in on the festivities, too. Anticipating a spike in demand, grocers such as Loblaws, Dominion and Sobeys stocked up on South Asian staples such as basmati rice and "exotic" vegetables like okra and eggplant, popular in Diwali feasts.


Capitalizing on the joyous mood, Diwali-themed fundraisers have proliferated in the GTA. The largest, Trillium Health Centre’s annual Diwali gala, attracted 900 this year and raised more than $600,000.

first day of a new year

  • Tomorrow, the first day of the New Year, people will visit temples and the homes of friends and family, exchanging gifts and sweets.