Ottawa is preparing emergency travel documents to bring home a Toronto woman stranded in Kenya since May, one day after a DNA test confirmed her identity.

Officials with the Canada Border Services Agency said yesterday that documents would be issued for Suaad Hagi Mohamud, although the agency did not reveal how long that would take.

The Somalian-born Mohamud, 31, had been visiting her mother in Kenya and was about to fly back to Canada when officials stopped her May 21 in the Nairobi airport, claiming she was not the same person pictured in her four-year-old passport photo.

At issue was the size of her lips. Mohamud showed officials various pieces of ID and volunteered fingerprints, but could not convince them of her identity.

Canadian consular officials labelled her an “imposter,” voided her passport and sent the case to Kenyan authorities for prosecution.

She spent eight days in jail before being released on bail, albeit without travel documents.

Results of a DNA test released Monday — one that compared Mohamud’s genetic makeup with that of her 12-year-old son —showed a 99.9 per cent match.