Did you know you can be fired from your job for an inappropriate Facebook status, a questionable Myspace photo, or a controversial tweet?


You may think it can’t happen, but it can, and it does. And there are worse repercussions than being fired, too.


That’s why it’s important to watch what you post online. Your real-life reputation is based on your interactions and the way you compose yourself in real-world, face-to-face circumstances. Just as you have a real-world reputation, you also have an online reputation.


It’s easy to think that because of the disconnected nature of the Internet, the things you post online won’t harm your real-world reputation. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Just because you are posting from the comfort of a computer screen doesn’t mean the post is not associated with you. Even if your privacy settings are set so that only your friends can see what you are posting, word can travel fast.

Someone can always see a questionable post from you and report it to a boss, parent, teacher, spouse or friend.

Before you post anything online — be it a picture, status update, comment or wall post — make sure it’s something you are comfortable being associated with. If there is a picture or comment you’re unsure about, don't post it.

If you are feeling angry or emotional, you probably shouldn't post it. If there is a picture of you engaging in an inappropriate activity, definitely don’t post it.

Make sure that the person you reflect online is the person you want to reflect in the real world.