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Do your own gift wrapping

A perfectly wrapped present shows friends and family how important they are to you.

One of the most special parts of the holiday season is the giving and receiving of gifts. A perfectly wrapped present not only adds to that excitement, but it shows friends and family how important they are to you.

That is why trend guru Lynn Spence is encouraging all Canadians to consider wrapping their presents this holiday season, rather than using a gift bag.

“People underestimate the value of wrapping gifts,” says Spence, style expert and frequent guest on CityTV’s CityLine.

“Giving someone a wrapped gift shows them you care, and nothing can replace the exhilaration of imagining what’s inside, and the joy created when the gift is unwrapped and discovered.”

“I really believe in making it more personal. After all, you took the time to choose the gift, why not spend a little time making it stand out?” adds Spence.

For example, use an inexpensive reproduction map to cover a gift for the seasoned traveller.

Top a gift with a photograph as a way to share a favourite memory or to provide a hint of the gift inside.

“Don’t be afraid to use your imagination and be creative,” suggests Spence.

Remember, you don’t have to wrap gifts alone. Invite your friends over for a night of cocktails, appetizers and fun, and wrap your gifts together.

Wrap it up in style
CityTV’s CityLine style expert Lynn
Spence relies on the latest style trends to draw her inspiration for
creating the perfectly wrapped gift.

“This season’s foremost trend is an uncompromised return to the classics,” says Spence.
to see choices ranging from nostalgic papers, eco-friendly papers and
menswear inspired wrappings in matte shades of grey, camel and navy.”

Read on for some of her ideas on how to make your presents chic this holiday season.

Mix it Up
Move away from the traditional wrapping paper
by incorporating new textures, such as rice, foil and matte papers,
into your wrapping repertoire this year. Mixed colours and patterns are
also a great way to add visual interest to your presents.

Experiment with a pliable, fabulous oversized printed wallpaper tied with a paisley ribbon for a fun, unexpected look.

Go Glam
Add luxury to your packages with glamorous materials, such as metallic papers, that will make anyone feel spoiled.

Fashion inspired
Animal print or sophisticated quilted paper will look luxurious under the tree.
Add a satin, taffeta or velvet ribbon or pearls and crystals to add holiday luxe to your gifts.

Au Natural
a more organic eco look, use recycled papers or materials such as
linen, Kraft paper, fabric remnants, burlap or a fabulous vintage scarf
to wrap gifts.

Make It Last
Before you start
wrapping gifts, Lynn offers one final piece of advice. “Make sure to
use a quality tape to ensure your packages stay sealed and look great.
You can be sure that no one is peeking into that gorgeous gift before
the special day arrives.”

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