Doan’s Vietnamese Restaurant
10130 107 Street
Rating: ***1/2
Price range: Mid
Reservations: Yes
Category: Date, co-worker or social lunch
Licensed: Yes


Doan’s downtown location maintains its early-90s elegance, and its menu full of fresh, tasty dishes have pleased palates for years. It has a fanatical clientele of regulars, and I went to find out why.


My hungry group didn’t hold back. Spring rolls ($7.25/6) and wonton soup ($3.45) flew out of the kitchen toward our table while our entrees were prepared. We shared a mass of musky Shanghai noodles with tender chicken bits ($12.95) and a sizzling platter of pork chops with pineapple in tamarind sauce ($14.95), though fights only broke out over the dessert-like prawns and peaches in sweet cream ($13.95).


While lacking the gritty atmosphere and rock-bottom prices of “more authentic” Vietnamese spots in the city, Doan’s Westernized hospitality is a strength during a client meeting or first lunch date. Dine in, take out and enjoy.