Health Help is on the way for 500,000 Ontario residents without a family physician, who have generally been forced to go to walk-in clinics or emergency rooms when they need medical attention. Starting next month, a new hotline will help match people with a doctor in their area willing to take on new patients, the Toronto Star has learned.

The government will institute a special 1-800 number, where a Telehealth Ontario staffer will take down a health history and pass it on to a nurse who will help find a family doctor.

“This is a made-in-Ontario solution,” Health Minister David Caplan told the Star of the program to be launched in February. “We will be the first jurisdiction, I am aware of, that is doing this.”

Still, critics point out the program, called Health Care Connect, will not deal with the core problem: A shortage of doctors.

Dr. Douglas Mark, who practises in Scarborough, also wants to know where the doctors will come from to care for 500,000 people.

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