Document high school days via cellphone



You can use your cellphone to capture your favourite high school memories.


The yearbook used to be the only way to reflect on your high school experience. These days, thanks to a variety of features now available on cellphones, yearbooks just might be a thing of the past.

Here are some tips to help you capture your favourite high school moments:

• Use your mobile phone to record and save voice clips of your classmates so you can reflect on the phrases they used in years to come.

• Take spontaneous pictures and send them to your friends or print them at home using cellphones that feature Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

• Use the pictures you printed using Bluetooth to start a scrapbook that documents your favourite high school moments.

• Download and save your favourite song — the song that reminds you of a great high school experience — as a ring tone.

• Save funny text messages sent to you from your friends — in the future, you’ll be amused by your high school conversations.

• Document funny moments by taking and editing videos of your friends goofing around after school.

• Save the calendar in your phone that organizes your school activities — both academic and social. It will be interesting to look back in a few years and see how you spent your time.

• Use the camera on your cellphone to take pictures of your secret crushes — looking back on them in the future will be fun.

• Save your cellphone contact list so that you can later reflect on the people you were friends with. You might have the same friends later in life or you might have new friends altogether.

• Save the cellphone itself. Who knows what mobile phones will look like in 10 years?