Calgary will be under the microscope of its own residents as an annual citizen survey is rolled out.

Calgary Vital Signs, as part of The Calgary Foundation, opens up the polls to any and all Calgarians to judge 12 aspects of the standard of living in Calgary.

“It’s a survey that invites Calgarians to talk about and grade their quality of life in Calgary,” said Kerry Longpré, vice-president, communications, for Vital Signs Calgary.

Some of the categories include learning, safety, sustainability and financial well-being.

According to Longpré, Vital Signs Calgary wants to know what Calgarians think is working in their city, what isn’t working, what needs improvement, and how it can be done.

The end goal, Longpré said, is to start to impact some of the work of some of the agencies in the city, get them working towards improving Calgary’s grade.

“Our intent is to have it serve as a catalyst to improve quality of life in Calgary.”

Longpré says that Vital Signs is looking for the broadest range of citizens in order to get an accurate idea of what this city needs. “It’s a community engagement activity.”

Along with 18 other cities in Canada, the Calgary results of the survey will be distributed through city media on Oct. 6.

The five-minute survey can be completed online at until June 30 and is as simple as giving each category a letter grade ranging from A to F.