The damage caused by a raging house fire that took the life of the family dog is actually a lot higher than initially thought by investigators.


Originally, the estimated damage was thought to be $50,000. Investigators now believe there is $50,000 damage to contents in the home and $150,000 damage to the structure itself, according to the public information officer for the fire department.


Fire crews attended a fire on Royal Abbey Court in Royal Oak just after midnight yesterday to find a “significant fire.”


Spokesman Jeff Budai said the fire was so bad at one point firefighters had to be pulled out to ventilate because of the high heat before returning to fight the fire.


“There was a sitting room in the front and flames were raging through the front window of the house, it burned a hole right through,” Budai told Metro.

Although investigators continue to determine the cause of the fire, it is believed it started in the interior.