Dog owners rallied at a northwest off-leash area yesterday, protesting the removal of a fence on one side of the park.

Joanne Atkins, of the Cambrian Heights Dog Park Preservation Committee (CHDPPC), said park users are not taking last week’s fence removal lying down.

“We want the city to look at the process of how the fence was removed. This park was a victim of its popularity and that’s why we need more parks like this in the city,” she said.

Cambrian Heights was the only north-located park to have a fully fenced off-leash dog park until pleas from concerned area residents prompted the city to partially remove part of the fence.

Uta Gewald, area resident and Cambrian Heights board member, said she believes the park was being overused when the fence was up, causing problems for the community.

The city currently has 138 off-leash areas. The only other fully fenced dog park in the city is Southland.

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