Investigations are underway to determine a Calgary dog’s fate after the animal bit three people on Sunday.

Alphie, a year-and-a-half-old American Staffordshire, sent three family members from Pineridge to the hospital and now remains in lockdown at Animal Services while his fate is decided.

At this point, Greg Steinraths of Animal and Bylaw Services said the outcome is hard to predict — there’s a chance Alphie could be returned to his owner, and there’s a chance the dog could be put down.

“Ultimately, the decision will come down to public safety,” said Steinraths. “We don’t want a dog causing threat or nuisance to others.”

While the dog is held in quarantine until Aug. 25, an animal behaviour assessment will be performed and it will also be determined if a series of fines will be laid against the owner, Mark Travadi, who is unsure of what fate he’d prefer for the dog at this point.

Steinraths wants to remind Calgarian pet owners that such incidents are not breed-specific.