The Calgary Fire Department had to rescue man’s best friend yesterday after it ended up inside the Bonnybrook Water Treatment Facility.

Two stray dogs were found inside the fenced area around 11 a.m., with one having to be rescued from a skimming arm on one of the outdoor primary settling ponds. It is unknown how they got in.

“Fortunately the dog was co-operative,” said Deb Bergeson of the Calgary Fire Department. “It was a textbook animal rescue.”

The pond where the dog was located is filled with sewage for treatment.

Bill Bruce from Animal Services said the dogs have since been cleaned up and checked out by vets to make sure they didn’t pick up anything in the water treatment plant.

Bruce said the next step is locating the owners.

“Every dog has an owner,” said Bruce. “It just depends whether the owner is looking for them.”

Bruce said that both dogs are a type of German shepherd, and one has three legs. If the owners are not found, new homes will be arranged for the dogs, he said.

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