Tim Wieclawski/metro ottawa


Chris Minor, left, and Mike Silvestre, with the Ottawa Fire Service Water Rescue team 53, search the Ottawa River for a dog reportedly stranded on the ice yesterday.

A dog reportedly trapped on an ice floe yesterday brought city fire crews out in force to the Ottawa River, but the animal could not be located.

A cross-country skier spotted the dog stranded on a length of ice in the river near Voyageur Park in Orleans shortly after 11 a.m., but did not return home to notify authorities until noon.

Fire rescue teams searched a four-kilometre stretch of the river from Green Creek to east of Voyageur Park, but could not locate the animal.

Ottawa Fire Service District Chief David Thompson said it is not uncommon for deer or other animals to get caught out on an ice floe, but they usually find their own way to safety.

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