Cesar Millan poses for a portrait at his Dog Pyschology Center in Santa Clarita onAnne Cusack/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Cesar Millan, celebrity “dog whisperer” and TV star, is being investigated by law enforcement after allegations of animal cruelty in a segment filmed as part of his show “Cesar 911.”

Los Angeles-area deputies and L.A. County Animal Control officials launched an investigation on Thursday when they visited Millan’s Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, California, after a segment aired on his TV show depicting a dog biting the ear of a pot-bellied pig, NBC reported.

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"It was really difficult to watch," Laura Nativo, a professional dog trainer, said to NBC. "It's not the way to rehabilitate an animal that is fearful and aggressive to pigs."


Ultimately, the dog who bit the pig was not euthanized or separated from its owner, National Geographic Wild said in a statement quoted by the Los Angeles Times.

“The clip caused some concern for viewers who did not see or understand the full context of the encounter,” the National Geographic Wild statement said. “The pig that was nipped by Simon was tended to immediately afterward, healed quickly and showed no lasting signs of distress.”

Online petitions have claimed the segment appeared to show that the pig’s ear had been bitten off, but show personnel said Thursday that was not true, according to NBC.

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Milan was issued a 24-hour notice by Animal Control to make contact with investigators who would like to inquire about the pig’s location and well-being, NBC added.

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