GPS helps man track stolen truck, pet pooch

Krista Sylvester/Metro Calgary


An elated Dwayne Ewasiuk and his equally excited canine companion Rowdy were reunited yesterday morning after Ewasiuk’s truck was stolen Tuesday night with the dog inside.

“She was happy to see me and it was so nice to see her. She’s my baby.”

It was a doggone long night for a city man whose truck was stolen from outside a convenience store with his beloved Chihuahua inside it.

But thanks largely to the GPS system in his vehicle, Dwayne Ewasiuk was able to track down both his truck and his treasured canine companion Rowdy.

“If it wasn’t for that GPS system I wouldn’t have her back today,” Ewasiuk told Metro yesterday afternoon while his tiny, six-inch-tall dog furiously licked his face.

“I was able to find out what stops the woman made in the truck, and that’s where I looked.”

On Tuesday night, Ewasiuk pulled up to the local Mac’s on 68 St. and 8 Ave. N.E. around 8 p.m. to grab a pop for the short ride home, but was left to watch in horror as a woman climbed into the cab and drove off in his vehicle as he was getting his change for the store clerk.

But it wasn’t the GMC that worried Ewasiuk — little Rowdy was sitting in the front seat.

“With the tracking system it was almost over before it started — at least finding the truck was. We found the woman with the truck at Deerfoot Mall, but when we got the truck back, Rowdy wasn’t in it,” he said.

Ewasiuk was, however, able to track the thief’s stops through the GPS system and began to retrace the route.

Police called him around 1 a.m., saying someone had reported spotting the tan-coloured pooch in the Bridgeland neighbourhood.

He scoured the neighbourhood twice beginning at dawn yesterday morning, the second time calling his pet’s name for about 45 minutes before she suddenly appeared.

“She was happy to see me and it was so nice to see her. She’s my baby. She seemed a bit nervous and shaky and drank a lot of water when I got her home, but I can’t believe she just came out of nowhere.”

Ewasiuk said he won’t be leaving his truck running with the keys in it anytime soon.

“I’ve done it a million times before, never really thinking about it. You never really think it’s going to happen to you until it does. I won’t be doing it again.”

Amanda Gail Wick, 38, of Calgary is charged with theft over $5,000.

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