The provincial election campaign is only a few days old but it’s been eventful enough for its own awards show. So without further ado, please enjoy our recap of the highs and lows so far.

Most Bizarre Moment

Winner: Rodney MacDonald jumping on a trampoline - by a landslide.

At a campaign stop Thursday in Beaver Bank, Rodney MacDonald found himself on a trampoline with a small, cute child and her mother. It was a playful, almost touching moment.


Then things got weird.

The kid wanted off the trampoline so her mom took her away. Undeterred, MacDonald then began jumping up and down on the trampoline by himself as baffled journalists looked on.

Quite possibly the most famous image from this campaign may turn out to be that footage of MacDonald leaping up and down saying things like “I could step dance on this” and “woo!”

Worst First Impression

Winner: Tory Dartmouth South-Portland Valley candidate George Jordan.

Jordan held a press conference to denounce the NDP promise to hire an emergency room coordinator. He said the Dippers had no plan and so they were merely hiring someone to plan for them.

So far so good, until reporters asked what the Tory plan was. Jordan repeatedly could not answer, instead bouncing between the “we’ve got a proven track record” and “the NDP are risky” talking points.

Like the ref in a boxing match a Tory staffer finally intervened, saying Jordan would only take one more question. But due to the answers they’d been getting so far, journalists present just turned and walked away.

Most Annoying Catch Phrase

Winner - A three-way tie between “Genuine Leadership for Today’s Families” (NDP) “New Leadership. A real plan” (Liberals) and “The NDP - A Risk You Can’t afford.” (Conservatives)

Political parties love their repetitious phrases. If you’re creating an election drinking game, be sure to throw in the words leadership, plan, risky, “families” and “these tough economic times.”

Overall Winner So Far

Winner - Stephen McNeil.

Politics aside, McNeil had by far the most impressive showing of the political leaders this week. That may partly be due to lowered expectations.

Just a few months ago the Liberals seemed assured for last place, with a leader many people saw as, frankly, boring. But lately McNeil has seemed much more confident and has given more clear, concise statements than any other leader. Though he didn’t trampoline, many are now predicting the Liberals will pass the Tories on election day.

– Paul McLeod is a staff reporter at Metro Halifax. He is currently in rehab for being a political junkie. It’s going badly.

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