The Pussycat Dolls are looking to add another member to the group.


SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SKANK? No news on who’ll pick this up here (I’m betting CHUMCity) but the CW network has ordered eight episodes of a reality series that will fill an apparently vacant spot in the hussy-pop group The Pussycat Dolls.

The Search For The Next Pussycat Doll — a tentative title, which is good because it kinda sucks — will “recruit young women from different backgrounds, putting the finalists through various challenges as they compete to prove their ‘Doll’-worthiness,” according to a story in Variety. “Certain performance elements will be broadcast live.”

The group, whose PCD album has produced hit singles such as Don’t Cha and Buttons, are known for perfecting a dance step that resembles a particularly wanton stork, and have cornered the market as the closest thing to a strip show that most guys can watch with their girlfriends.

“I’m most interested in the personal drama, about the (candidates) leaving their relationships or trust issues with their parents,” said executive producer McG (Charlie’s Angels). “It’s about all the real-life stuff that lies within.” That and ass-shaking. Lots of ass-shaking.

WORKING FOR THE WEEKEND: According to a Sympatico/MSN poll that somehow ended up in my inbox this week, high gas prices are keeping people at home on long weekends like the upcoming one, with 54 per cent saying that they’re staying home to save money on petrol instead of driving for three hours to get sunstroke at a borrowed cottage where they’ll lose their watch and fall asleep every time they try to read a cheap paperback thriller.

The top three activities for young Canadians in the oh-so-desirable 18-34 demographic are taking in movies (16 per cent) or camping (19 per cent), while over-55s (you know, those demographic whiz kids who actually have scads of disposable income) intend to do some reading (38 per cent) or go to restaurants (19 per cent).

What’s telling is that, when asked what celebrity they’d like to spend the long weekend with, they tied Oprah Winfrey with Celine Dion — but only with 3 per cent each. Averting our eyes from those poor souls who want to have a barbecue with Celine, it’s interesting that Oprah did so well — maybe they expected her to pay — while nobody seemed to want to admit that, even if they broke the bank, filled up the tank and headed for the cottage, they’d probably still be watching some TV this long weekend, and probably for more than just the Weather Network to see if it would rain.

Either TV is still the time-waster’s dirty secret, just slightly less disgraceful than admitting you look at a lot of porn online when the pollsters come around, or TV watching has become such a banal activity that it registers somewhere on the same order with doing dishes and hanging the beach towels out to dry.