Gasoline prices are raging upwards as the price of oil remains high and summer driving season demand increases. If you’re budget is getting squeezed, get smart with your fuel consumption.

Ensure your vehicle is well maintained, including scheduling regular oil changes and maintaining correct tire pressure. Plan your travel in advance, avoid peak travel times to reduce idling and take the shortest route. If you’re travelling long distances, drive the speed limit and use cruise control. When your speed is constant and within the limit, you’ll use less fuel and avoid expensive traffic tickets. Reduce clutter or unnecessary weight in your car and consolidate your errands into one trip.

To find the most affordable fuel in your area, check out sites like Gas Buddy or Gas Ticker. You can also use smartphone apps which track local prices.

Consider alternative forms of transportation. This past weekend, rather than driving, I pulled out my bicycle, filled the tires with air and rode 35 minutes to meet friends for coffee. I saved money on fuel and got my daily exercise. Try walking, running, biking, blading, carpooling or public transit to get to your destination.

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, consider one that’s fuel efficient or uses an alternative fuel like natural gas or a hybrid. When you cut back on your fuel consumption, you’ll save money and reduce your emissions.