Taking on debt for wining and dining isn’t frugal. There are plenty of inexpensive and creative dating activities that won’t cramp your style or your wallet.

Meet your date at a local coffeehouse and kick back for a few hours in a casual atmosphere (less than $10). Or, grab coffee to go and walk around the neighbourhood. Share stories and enjoy the chit-chat.

Get active and walk, run, bike, rollerblade, work out or toboggan. Head to a park, go for a swim, or spice up a game of tennis with competition – the loser buys the next glass of vino (less than $20). Take advantage of free outdoor festivals and plays.


Rent old movies or see a flick in the cheap theatres (less than $20). Get to know each other’s friends by hosting games night – charades, board games and appetizers (less than $30). Check out art exhibit openings, book launches or music releases. Tickets are often free or relatively inexpensive (less than $40).

Skip restaurants and turn a weekly grocery trip into a farmer’s market adventure. Pick up fresh ingredients for a home cooked meal which you can make together. Cooking is romantic, fun, and easy – download free recipes from the Internet and follow along. Enjoy a reasonably priced bottle of wine. If the weather is decent, take your meal outside, light candles and bundle up in blankets (less than $50).

If you’re set on going to a restaurant, find a hole-in-the-wall that’s been recommended by someone you trust. Smaller restaurants can be more authentic, intimate, budget-friendly, and have higher quality food than bigger, popular ‘hot spots’ (less than $100).

Dating on a budget often inspires creativity and allows you to showcase your true colours. Always remember that the point of a date is to spend time with someone special, not bust your budget.

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