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Don’t get a bad wrap!

It’s not only what’s on the inside that counts — your loved ones will appreciate a thoughtfully wrapped gift.

Indulge in posh ribbon

“A combination of very basic paper with a beautiful, luxuriously unique ribbon is a great way to go. When it comes to gift-wrapping, good design is all about the small details,” says Janel Laban, executive editor of Apartment Therapy. Think big colors, bold patterns and unexpected textures to pop off the wrap.

Save on the paper

“Buying a super-basic paper that you can use year-round or recycling materials from around the house as gift wrap works on many levels, but it’s mainly a great money-saver,” says Laban. She recommends purchasing in bulk from an industrial retail site such as Uline.com, where you can score a 50-pound roll for around $20.

Recycle what you already have

This Metro will work in a pinch, but for a classier wrap job, pay a visit to ApartmentTherapy.com for a ton of green and DIY ideas. “Leftover fabric makes a statement and works wonderfully, old maps are fun, brown bags give a homespun feel, waxed paper looks great doubled with colorful cutouts between the layers,” suggests Laban. “And, of course, the grandmother-approved habit of reusing wrapping paper is the classic green choice — it pays to be careful when opening gifts!”

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