Fortunately, the list of holdovers has been announced, so audiences will have one last opportunity this week to see a number of amazing performances.

This includes many of the plays that I’ve recommended in previous columns: Ankles Aweigh, 7(x1) Samurai, Death: Live!, and Bash’d! A Gay Rap Musical are all held over.

There will also be extra presentations of Wanderlust, an amazing solo show starring Martin Dockery. Based on the true story of Dockery’s travels to west Africa, Wanderlust is a refreshing and hilarious romp full of surprises.

Dockery is a born storyteller — charismatic and full of energy — and he keeps his audience enthralled for each and every second of his performance.

Dragula — a goofy vampire tale starring Davina Stewart, Dana Andersen, and drag queens Trevor Schmidt and Darrin Hagen — is also held over.

Dragula is basically 60 minutes of non-stop jokes and innuendo, and is worth seeing for its phenomenal lighting, sound, and set design, as well as Schmidt’s knee-slapping portrayal of Ms. Virginia Hymen.

Finally, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that Witness to a Conga is also on the holdover list.

A new script by Stewart Lemoine, Witness to a Conga is a bit of a departure from Lemoine’s recent work. There is still plenty of Lemoinian comedy to go around; however, there is a great depth and truth to the characters that I have rarely seen in any script or on any stage.

The actors’ performances build even further on Lemoine’s fantastic script. Briana Buckmaster brings a glow to the stage with her every appearance, and Andrew MacDonald Smith, as Martin, will likely soon be hearing from the Sterling Awards committee.

Also appearing in this Teatro show is Jeff Haslam. Haslam was recently embroiled in controversy for some disparaging comments he made on the blog of writer Sharon Yeo after she gave his last show, The Ambassador’s Wives, a positive review.

Despite this puzzling drama off stage, on stage Haslam was at the top of his game, skillfully juggling his character’s sharply contrasting snarkiness and sensitivity.