Business offices large and small are joining the eco-responsible tidal wave to reduce, recycle, and reuse.

“Saving electricity in the workplace is a top priority, alongside saving water, reducing waste and curtailing consumption,” says corporate president Steve Matyas at Staples Canada, a retailer recognized for a wide range of eco-responsible programs.

“Doing your bit in the office is a big contribution to the health of your community — and to the health of the planet — and making it successful usually requires an enthusiastic plan for all staff to follow,” he says.

So here is a handy eco-office checklist, courtesy of Staples Canada:

• Set temperatures at 19°C year round.
• Don’t let heat escape through open doors and windows.
• Move furniture if radiator heat is blocked.
• Set a lower temperature in lesser-used spots like storerooms and corridors.
• Update temperature controls for the time no one is there.
• Repair draughty windows and doors.

• Switch off lights in empty rooms and use daylight wherever possible.
• Turn off unnecessary lights around you.
• Use low wattage options. Slim line fluorescent tubes can often be used as direct replacements for older tubes and use 25 per cent less electricity. Compact fluorescent bulbs use 80 per cent less energy than the standard bulb and last 10 times longer.

Electrical Equipment

• Switch computers off when not required, even during lunch.
• Don’t leave equipment in the standby mode since it will still use up to 70 per cent of normal power consumption.
• When purchasing new equipment look for energy-efficiency decal

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