If you receive an email stating a friend wants you dead, chances are it’s a scam, or you need better friends.

Police are warning the public about a recent email that’s making its way around cyberspace with the subject line, “Someone you call your friend, wants you dead.”

According to police, the email says someone known to the recipient has hired a hitman to harm them.

The email tells the recipient if they send $5,000 they will not be hurt.

The email also goes on to say not to get police involved.

Police have only received one complaint about the scam so far but Staff Sgt. Howard Kunce said it’s important for the public to be aware.

“We’ve only received one complaint at this point in time but we’re hoping that by informing the public we can raise awareness on this particular issue and we won’t receive any more complaints,” Kunce said.

“In the interest of not overreacting, we prefer to get this information out and make people aware that if you receive something like this, please don’t participate or interact.”

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