Every January, Ottawa gyms and fitness classes are flooded with new members.

These new year recruits come with resolutions in hand, but anyone hoping to achieve their fitness goals in the long run should be wary of moving too quickly at the start.

With February fast approaching — and more people abandoning their resolutions — Dylan Harries, health and fitness co-ordinator at the Nepean Sportsplex and a professional training consultant, has advice for would-be quitters.

Too many people get caught up with numbers, he said, and people would see better results if they chose physical activities that they enjoy — whether that be lifting weights, doing cardio, or taking a fitness class — while also paying heed to their daily rhythms and nutrition.

What Harries sees as the greatest foible of people who are trying to get fit is forgetting — or avoiding — scheduled workouts. “Put your workout into your palm pilot or your digital organizer,” Harries said.

Still, said Harries, the best way to get through those moments when willpower might fail is to have a workout buddy or trainer. “They can really help you out in those situations when you don’t want to go for a run or do another set lifting weights,” he said.