Tough week for New York Rangers forward Sean Avery. First, Elisha Cuthbert dumps him, and then Paris Hilton shoots him down at a bar. Apparently even Paris knows when to say when.

• If I hear one more person try to compare dogfighting to UFC, I might lose my mind. I’m not telling you to like Ultimate Fighting, but here’s some fundamental differences:


• The combatants in UFC choose to participate in the sport. These dogs have no choice; they are bred to kill each other.

• No one has died in a UFC fight. The whole purpose of these dogfights is a fight to the death.

• When you lose a fight in UFC, you are not electrocuted, drowned or hanged. All of these things happen(ed) to dogs that lose their fights.

• The last time I checked, UFC is legal. Dogfighting is not.

You don’t like violent sports, you don’t have to watch them. You think the general public is unfairly persecuting Atlanta Falcons star Michael Vick, you’re entitled to your opinion. But to justify dogfighting by comparing it to Ultimate Fighting is one of the most ignorant viewpoints I have ever heard.

• Following yesterday’s uniform unveiling, I still hear some people complaining that the Canucks should have gone back to the “stick in rink” logo on their new jersey instead of sticking with the Orca. But is that original decal really that appealing? To argue it’s the best logo the Canucks have ever had is like claiming to be the coolest guy at a Star Trek convention. It might be the best of a bad bunch, but that doesn’t make it good. Just be happy they went to a good colour scheme and that one of the guys wearing the new jersey is Roberto Luongo. They should put his mug on the front of the uni…

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