The Rock Ice sink by Porchet.


Zzzzzzzz-zzzzzzz. Zzzzzzz-zzzzz. Zzz-Zzt. Huh? What? Oh sorry. You caught us snoozing. We admit it. The design team absolutely falls asleep over the standard white porcelain bathroom sink! It is sooooo boring, and it doesn’t have to be.

Bathroom sinks have undergone a dramatic change in the past several years, changing from a strictly utilitarian place to wash your hands, to graceful vessels that look like works of art.

Luckily, not all of them have sky-high prices. In fact, if you are on a budget, a new sink can go a long way in revitalizing your bathroom.

Sink prices run the gamut, from $50 for a basic model to $10,000 for a high-end exclusive version. The good news is that there is such a variety that, whatever your budget, there is probably something beautiful in your price range. So, we beg you to be adventurous! Start browsing the Internet to view the amazing bathroom sinks that are out there. For some ideas, start with www.americanstandard.caand

One of the most popular trends is the sink that doesn’t look like a sink. Above-counter sinks or lavatories, as they are called on some websites, look like bowls that sit on top of a countertop. They come not only in white porcelain, but in clear, coloured, textured, frosted glass or patterned glass, and in metal-like finishes. You can also choose from unusual shapes such as square, round and deep, or shallow and rectangular.

You may want to match your sink to your toilet and bathtub. But on the other hand, you may just to have your stunning new sink stand out! If you have a small bathroom, a dramatic sink will make the tiny room a masterpiece. For example, Porcher, a premium division of American Standard, carries a gorgeous transparent light blue glass above-counter sink called Rock Ice. It has a rough rocky texture on the outside, which produces a lovely wavy effect in the bowl.

At more modest prices, American Standard also carries some lovely above-counter sinks in clear glass (see the website for the Affinity or Bar) or white porcelain in bold new shapes (see Boxe or Tess).

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