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Don’t sit on the search

It’s no secret that college  and university seniors are crazy busy.

It’s no secret that college and university seniors are crazy busy. Unfortunately, there’s one more thing they need to consider: The job hunt. “It is critical that students prepare ahead of time, especially in a tough economy,” says Nick Schaefer, director of career services at Gwynedd-Mercy College in the U.S.

There are several elements to an effective job search, Schaefer explains. One of the most important is networking. “Networking is time-consuming and needs to begin earlier than later,” Schaefer emphasizes.

In order to network effectively, you’ll need to do some groundwork:

1. Put together your résumé and cover letter.

2. Talk to the people you’d like to serve as references and get full contact information. By doing so you’re letting them know that you’re actively looking in case they hear of a job you’d be a good fit for.

3. If you’re not on LinkedIn yet, create a profile. Look for appropriate groups to join, including professional groups, industry groups and alumni from your school.

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