A ‘hotline’ can be voice of reason on silly purchases



OK, it’s time to come clean. We’ve all had slip-ups when it comes to our money. But the Smart Cookies believe that to really commit to changing your ways, you first need to fess up to your financial faux pas. We call these “Smart Cookie Confessions” and we’ve heard some doozies!


We first started to share our confessions in our weekly money club. Sometimes we’d confess to little things like buying a $50 orchid for an acquaintance’s housewarming. Other times, it was a thousand dollar weekend girls’ getaway when a relationship hit the rocks. Soon, confessions became a life changing way for us to curb our spending.


After one of us had an extravagant (and unnecessary) splurge, we even went so far as to implement the “Smart Cookies Hotline.” Now, when tempted to buy something that could be questionable, we call each other for an impromptu intervention. As you can see, we are big believers in having conversations about money and confessions are a fun place to start. So to get the ball rolling here’s a favourite confession from our money club:

“I was going on a first date to the symphony with someone I had never met before. Hours before he was to pick me up, I tore through my closet and realized that I had nothing to wear. I raced downtown and searched through a number of stores but nothing was right. As I headed home feeling defeated and pressed for time, I passed a designer boutique and thought to myself, ‘It can’t hurt to take a quick look inside.’ That quick peek turned into a $750 charge on my credit card for a dress and pair of heels. The date lasted four hours (and I never saw him after that night!) but I ended up paying for that dress for the next four months.”

We now want to offer you a chance to come clean with your juiciest spending confessions.

If you have questions for the Smart Cookies or want to share your confessions, please e-mail smartcookies@metronews.ca.

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