They're thanking Jesus for Donald Trump down in Mobile, Ala.


“Unbelievable,” New York real estate tycoon Donald Trump exclaimed as he surveyed the tens of thousands who packed a Mobile, Ala. stadium to hear him speak. “Unbelievable!”

Believe it.

The Alabama Secretary of State said 30,000 crammed the Ladd Peebles Stadium to hear the Republican presidential frontrunner make his case.

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The Washington Post and Politico estimated there were more like 20,000 but whatever the case the night was pure Trump -- complete with a dramatic stadium flyover in his 757 an hour before he spoke.


Trump landed in Mobile with more good news greeting him: A new Reuters/Ipsos poll has him widening his lead over his 16 other GOP rivals.

Nearly 32 percent of Republicans said they now backed Trump, up from 24 percent just one week earlier.

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Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush came in second at 16 percent.

Before Trump served up the red meat with his hardline immigration stance, he played to the Deep South crowd by invoking the Rev. Billy Graham, the 96-year-old retired Christian evangelist who has counseled U.S. presidents for decades.

“Now I know how the great Billy Graham felt, because it’s the same feeling,” Trump declared.

“We love Billy Graham.”

And the crowd loved Trump.

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One woman even held a sign that read, “Thank you, Lord Jesus, for President Trump.”

The first Southern primary is scheduled for Feb. 20 in South Carolina.

Believe it.

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