"Great listening session with CEOs of community banks today at the @WhiteHouse!" @POTUS/Twitter

With all the retweets, some might be wondering, "When will Donald Trump make Twitter great again?"

After retweeting a Fox News article, the former reality TV host and one-time Pizza Hut pusher went on to assure America that, despite what the media says, his healthcare plan is going "great."

Speaking of pizza, Trump reportedly plans to woo GOP critics of his healthcare bill with a bowling and pizza party, which sounds like an eight-year-old's dream birthday party... actually, it sounds great to us. (We mean the pizza, of course).

We digress. (Pizza is so distracting!)

Trump retweetedanother article on Thursday, this time from Bloomberg.

And a video of clapping.

Over on the official President Trump account, the "beautiful picture" tweet was posted along with a few other pictures.

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