In the wake of a quake that crumbled an impoverished island nation Tuesday, locals are opening their hearts and wallets to help from a world away.

“This indiscriminately killed women, men, children, rich, poor, all colours and all cultures.

These are fellow human beings of ours,” said charity concert organizer Rainer Bronner. “You can either tune disasters like this out, or react in a positive way.”

Within 24 hours of the 7.0-magnitude earthquake in Haiti, Raindance River Boots was offered musician’s time and free jam space, for Thursday night’s fundraiser at The Hydeaway.

“We’re not fireman, doctors or nurses. Music was what could we do very quick in response,” Bronner said.

Net proceeds from the event will be sent to Doctors Without Borders, an aid organization on the front lines in Haiti.

Similarly, in-kind donations from a local sporting goods store are literally helping Haitians get back on their feet.

Staff at Fast Trax Run and Ski Shop are packing over 500 pairs of shoes Friday morning, bound for the disaster zone.